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Greet Your
New Followers

Automated Direct Messages

MorfiX will send a personalized direct message of your setting to your new followers.

Follow-Up Message

Increase engagement with your followers by sending a follow-up message after the welcome message base on a time delay set by you.

Morfix Auto Direct Messaging
Morfix Auto Interactions

Gain Followers,
Likes &

Define Your Audience

5 minutes setup to let MorfiX know the audience that matters to you. Or you can choose from a few niches MorfiX handpicked for you.

MorfiX Interacts With Them

You gain followers, likes and comments when MorfiX interacts with your targeted audience, bringing their attention to your profile.

Save Time With No Limits Scheduling

Plan, Schedule & Post

We understand that a big part of increasing engagement on Social Media is posting content consistently.
Simply upload your content and schedule a
date and time and MorfiX will post your content for you.

No More Awful Looking Captions

Hashtags is an important tool to increase engagement. But too many
hashtags in the captions can be awful to look at. Therefore you can set your
hashtags in the comments settings and MorfiX will input your
hashtags in your first comment when posting your content.

Morfix Post Scheduling


Lifestyle Mafia Testimonial
Lifestyle Mafia Testimonial
Lifestyle Mafia Testimonial
Lifestyle Mafia Testimonial

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